Trent Valley Budgerigar Society

Trent Valley B.S Special events -

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 Aviary visits 2013

May 26th - Bowkers & J Huxley avairy visit

June 16th - Huxley & Marchant avairy visit 

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Trent Valley BS 1st show of 2011 - any variety Blue class & 1-10 of 2011 class 

The Blue class was in Memory of DTS Bowley

Best Blue in show - M.Davies

2nd - R.Bastin

3rd - B&M Hough

Best 1-10 of 2011 - B.Lander

2nd - B.Lander

3rd - B.Lander


Trent Valley BS vs North Staffs BS

Darts night at the Beacon Hotel (Burton)


North Staffs won 4-3 on the singles,

Trent Valley won 2-1 on the doubles

Star player for Trent Valley - SAM WILDES 


** Geoff Capes visits Trent Valley B.S **  'Capes in the Valley'

Trent Valley BS members spent a day with Geoff Capes. At the 2005 World BS club show Trent Valley BS put on a prize of spending a day with the club as a prize at the 'Auction of Promises' and the highest bidder was Geoff Capes. On september 18th, Geoff arrived mid-morning at the home of Geoff and Irene Bowley, he was escorted during the day by the Trent Valley BS president Arnold Dixon, chairman Geoff Bowley and website manager Sam Wildes. Firstly was a chat about the current wins at shows this year and the latest interests within the fancy. Afterwards the group studied Geoff Bowley's birds and Geoff Capes offered advise for possible improvements. Then followed lunch at the SaltBox cafe', then a ride down to Georgian Crystal, Geoff Capes had come here to thank the team for their support for the World BS club show and also to have a peice of glass repaired that he had won at a higland games event back in 1987. Next was a visit to Bill and Malc Hough's birdroom, the group studied the birds and then congratulated Bill on being elected for the BS council. After this a visit to Cycling2000, a local company owned by Nigel, Caroline and Sam Wildes, generous supporters and sponsors of Trent Valley BS. Then the group visited the home of Sam Wildes to admire the stud of birds and had a evening dinner prepared by Caroline. To finish off the night a visit to the Beacon Hotel to give a talk, Geoff expressed sincere thanks on a wonderful day out with the club.